Hair Color

Offering an array of hair color options, Studio 900 can lighten or darken your hair, cover grey, or enhance your natural hair color. Talk with one of our artists about the limitless color options to create that perfect look for you.

Express Color
Color Service For Speed Lovers
Short of time? Paul Mitchell-Flash Back, IGORA-COLOR10 or American Crew-Precision Blend may be the perfect answer for clients who are looking for a speedy color service.

Paul Mitchell-Flash Back
10-Minute Hair Color for Men. Any man can look as young as he feels! Discreetly conquer gray and white hair with natural-looking results in just 10 minutes.

Using the innovative Amino Acid Carrier technology, it delivers beautiful color results, perfect coverage and outstanding care – all in just 10 minutes processing time.
(This service is not available with all Hair Designers.)

American Crew-Precision Blend
Providing natural tone on tone grey coverage and is easy to use and apply. Lasts up to 24 washes, with only a 5 minute development time.

Full Color
This all-over coloring service can be permanent or demi-permanent. With an array of options, you can lighten or darken your hair, cover grey, or enhance your natural hair color.


BALAYAGE – pronounced: BAH-LEE-AHGE (an alternate: BAH-LAY-AHGE).

Balayage means ‘to sweep’ or ‘sweeping’ in French. It’s been around for decades, prior to foils or frosting, brought to New York from France in the 1970s and 1980s, and has been continually refined. It allows one to create the ultimate in color customization.

Balayage hair color is a highly sought after and specialized process of creating highlights. Unlike using foils to separate the hair that is lightened, Balayage takes a visual approach, using a special type of lightener that is painted free hand on the hair. The color is applied using a sweeping paint stroke method to achieve a natural sun kissed effect. Balayage can be customized to be more dramatic and have more dimension depending on your desired effect.

The Ombre hair color effect is a graduation of color from dark at the roots to light ends. “Rooty” highlights have always been fashionable but this takes it to a whole new level. Roots are dark-naturally and fade into a lighter shade from mid-shaft to the ends. It’s a very beachy, natural look.

At Studio 900, our designers are highly skilled in many different coloring techniques. Two techniques include, Balayage highlights and Ombre. Both produce stunning and beautiful results and continues to look great as the hair grows.


This foiling technique will allow you to lighten or darken a portion of your natural hair color.

Full-Head Highlight
Specific strands throughout ones entire head are colored and blended with one’s base color.

Partial Highlight
Color is added to the top portion of the hair, typically from the front hairline to the crown.

Corrective Color
A corrective color can result in the removal or deepening of previously applied hair color. During a complimentary consultation, your professional will determine and explain the course of action necessary to achieve your desired look. Since the service recommendations will vary, so will pricing and timing.


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